2019: Reset Button & New Beginnings

Can you believe it, it's February already? How has it been? I hope it's been a wonderful first few weeks for you.

For me, the year has been flying away fast. This morning, I found myself reflecting on these last few weeks and WOW, a lot has happened.


Sisters at the Hmong New Year Celebration in Fresno, California, December 2018

I ended 2018 and started 2019 with my family and friends in California, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It was just what I needed. I attended the biggest Hmong New Year celebration in the United States in Fresno, California and dressed up in my beautiful Hmong clothes with my sweet sisters. We had the best time as hluas nkauj or single ladies. It was like the old days, just the three of us hanging out, eating good food, teasing each other, laughing together, offering best practices on make-up/life lessons and just being ourselves. #ncokuvhaivhmoob #hlubkuvhaivhmoob

On a spiritual note, my family and friends confirmed a few life-changing information for me. I'm extremely excited and will be doing more exploring and learning throughout 2019.

Successfully, I submitted a grant with my awesome friend, Rugile in hopes to go over to her country to support her and her team in improving services for youths and sharing best practices to support young victims of gender-based violence. Crossing my fingers, we'll get the grant.

For almost two weeks, my dear, dear sister came to visit to help me declutter and just to hang out. It was perfect, I had the best of two worlds: my sister/family and my partner in one place. We had such an amazing time exploring my neck of the woods and eating delicious cuisines. Most amazingly, I was able to clean out my closet and will be donating three garbage bags of clothes to a local community center. Next up is my kitchen. Thanks to Marie Kondo - she currently has a show on Netflix on how to tidy up.

I just finished teaching my third week of my Asian American Women's Voices class and welcomed new students to my program assistant team. I'm excited to learn from and with my students as we venture out this semester together. One thing I'm looking forward to is having community members come work with my students to share stories as Asian American women.

Lessons Learned and Re-learned in 2018 For 2019

a) You are you, keep doing you. Surround yourself with those who care, respect and loves you. When you are at your lowest point, they will be there to remind you that you are you and it’s okay to be you. Those who could care less, let them go. You both are not serving each other any good. Let them go to make room for those who care and adds peace to your well-being. Life is too short to dwell on what is not serving you well. Move forward, there are so many good things in the world to enjoy. You deserve all the best.

b) Beautiful disasters are hard to swallow but something beautiful will come out of the storm. Stay strong. If it’s hurting you and you are not feeling it, the universe has a plan for you. Just wait a little longer. Be honest with yourself and believe in the process. Something better is on its way.

c) Go home, wherever that is. If it’s a physical space, go to it. If it’s a person or group of people, go to them. Go home where there’s love, comfort, a shoulder to cry on, a scent that reminds you of peace and happiness, and food that nourishes your soul. Go home to find your way back to where you were going. The answers are there.

d) LOVE and KINDNESS. As easy as it sounds, love what you do, love and be kind to the people who makes your heart content. Send messages of love to those who hurt you because they are also hurting but move forward. Your love and kindness vibration and energy will illuminate your life and those around you. There is never enough love and kindness to go around the world. So love and be kind to each other.


2019 Theme Word: Healing

2018 was a year filled with highs and lows and I found myself searching for answers while at the same time I was supporting my friends, families, colleagues and students as they find their way towards healing. Healing is beyond repairing the physical body. It’s restoring life to where there were no longer life, rekindling the spirits and awaking the soul. It’s finding your passion and doing what you love. It’s living your authentic life and honoring your true calling(s).

This year, my theme word is healing. I've been drawn to this word and field of work since 2016. I think the universe has something planned for me. Throughout 2019, I'm going to devote my time and energy in learning about the different ways of healing and how different communities practice healing and self-care. I'll also be sharing the knowledge I gained on my social media outlets. Sharing is caring, right? I have a few books on my list to read: Healing by Heart, The Wounded Healer, You Can Heal Your Life and The Wisdom of the Shamans: What the Ancient Masters Can Teach Us About Love and Life. Let me know if you have other recommendations.

My love for you:

“The wisdom you seek is inside you. One of the most important aspect of shamanism is that within everyone of us is the light, the divinity or as my ancestors would say, the nagual. Each one of us has our own truth inside ourselves.” - Don Jose Riuz, author of The Wisdom of the Shamans: What the Ancient Masters Can Teach Us About Love and Life

What is your theme word for 2019? Are you resetting your button(s) to try again? What will you devote time and energy towards this year? Let me know below.

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