Nancy Xiong

Nancy Xiong

Hmong American. Feminist. Educator. Writer. Creative Artist. Multipotentialite. Cheese lover.


Meet Nancy

Named after former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, as a symbol of democracy.

Nancy was named after former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, as a symbol of democracy.

She drove her mother through crazy adventures and was known as "siab coob" or many hearts/ having many interests. She's a dreamer at heart with goals after another.

Moving away to college, Nancy started a journey discovering and learning/unlearning about her Hmong American identity as a child of Hmong war refugee parents. The puzzle pieces started to connect when she found herself in graduate school being challenged to look at herself as a first generation, cisgender Hmong American female. Her professors and mentors took her on board to look at the world through the lens of solidarity, diversity, and inclusion. They also emphasized the importance of knowing your family history and yourself. 



M.A. in Sociology, George Mason University
Certificate in Women and Gender Studies, George Mason University
Thesis Project: International Marriage Migration Among Asian Women

M.A. in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations
SIT Graduate Institute
Thesis Project: Cov Poj Nrauj Ho Yog Leej Twg? Who are the Hmong Divorced Women? 
A Phenomenology Study on the Life Experiences of Divorced Hmong Women in the United States

B.A. in International Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. in East Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Minor in Global Culture Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison



Diversity & Inclusion, Asian American Pacific Islander Studies, Hmong-American Studies, Refugee Studies, Gender-based Violence, International Marriage Migration, Women and Gender Studies.


Why I Write

Why I Write...
My writings are testimonies of a Hmong-American woman. They are lived experiences that wishes to be shared with the world especially my siblings, friends, women of color, and children of immigrant parents. I hope these experiences will resonate and offer a ray of hope and inspiration. 

Why I Write...
I write to heal. The power of pouring your heart out on paper is extremely healing. I have found that during this process, answers and ideas reveal itself. 

Why I Write...
To keep the momentum going as a writer and to have conversations with the world. 

Why I Write...
I’m on social media & there’s only so much you can type out. When I respond or comment on postings, I tend to write a research paper. Therefore, this blog will serve as a space for myself to express my thoughts and ideas with the world.

Those who have come this far, thank you for taking an interest. I look forward to having you be part of my journey.


Sketches of the Heart

I invite you to discover more of my writings on my blog: Sketches of the Heart


Speaking Engagements

"Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied."                 

-Robert Noyce